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train_us November 9, 2014

Changing that conjunction

August 15, 2014


woman in chair near lake shores

Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes. ~Walt Whitman I have this huge walk-in pantry adjacent to my laundry room. It’s actually bigger than the bedroom I had in college and I imagine a more fun person would fill it with things like alcohol and extra […]

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about that grass

July 24, 2014


Green grass with sunset views.

The other day, I came across a hilarious card. It read: With deepest sympathy on the passing of your lawn. When I was growing up, our lawn always looked terrible. My neighbors spent a lot of time and money on their yards, having chemical companies come in and spray every week and spending their Saturday […]


June 20, 2014


North East South West Signpost Showing Travel Or Direction

This week, I narrowly averted a professional, and potentially personal, scandal. {Thank you, thank you, Body Compass. Thank you, intuition.} Lest you think I’m being melodramatic to reel you into reading this post, fear not. The fraudulent happenings I’m about to describe are worthy of a Jackie Collins novel. Since January, I’ve been interviewing at different companies, trying to […]

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The Deep Yes and The Brave No

May 23, 2014


woman jumping from cliff

In March, we bought our first electric car. Not only it is awesome not to have to buy gas every week, but it makes me feel like we’re really being as environmentally responsible as possible. We dished out big money to have all energy-saver appliances when we bought our home, we’ve signed up with the […]

the goal post

May 12, 2014



I donated a coaching session to a non-profit I’m passionate about and the woman who won wants some help with her goals. And really, what could be more life-transforming? Every dream that you have will remain amorphous until you learn how to put it into some kind of realistic action plan. Like most of my clients, […]

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