Mobbing April 1, 2014
puzzle_pieces_people March 19, 2014

The nerve

March 5, 2014


femme de dos

The other evening, I was at a business dinner downtown and something happened that rarely happens. I became so nervous, I couldn’t speak. I was prepared to stand up and give a short speech about my company. I was prepared to be surrounded by some ambitious and successful people. I had a cute outfit on, […]

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Being. True.

February 25, 2014



A few weeks ago, we had several snow days here in Atlanta. Two, back-to-back weeks of icy roads and city craziness and no school and so I decided to do some crafts with my two year old son. I’ve had these pretty, red flat cards for years that I’ve been meaning to use and Valentine’s […]

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The Irresponsible Life

February 12, 2014


the dancer

Phillip Seymour Hoffman died last week (which I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard) and his death has sparked debates about selfishness almost everywhere, it seems. Op-eds, television shows, People magazine and even a few friends of mine from high school (friends, by the way, who were well acquainted with drug use even in our early […]

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A Present from the Past

January 18, 2014


Yesterday Now Tomorrow Signpost Showing Schedule Diary Or Plan

Last week, I remembered something I haven’t thought about in a very long time. I remembered my 25-year-old self, rolled up in a ball on the wooden floor of the apartment I rented, doubled over with grief and a reality I could no longer deny. That was such a hard time. That was such an awful […]

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The Red Velvet Rope

January 9, 2014


rope barrier and stair

A couple of years ago, I took a class with this awesome business coach named Michael Port. I learned a lot of great things from him, but one of the most profound was his idea of the “red, velvet rope.” Michael was talking about a business concept but his philosophy was so unique that I […]

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