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My name is Gabrielle Brooke Gujjari. I own and run a life coaching company called gabrielle brooke, which provides dating and relationship coaching. In short, what I do is help intelligent people attract great relationships.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband-the most kind and intelligent man I’ve ever met. He also happens to be adorable. And total bonus: he’s from south India. This means he doesn’t think I’m weird for meditating and doing yoga and talking about chakras. But don’t get me wrong. It certainly was not easy to meet this guy.

Several years ago, after ending yet another bad relationship (this time with an alcoholic), I decided I needed to take some time away from the dating scene and find the secret to true love. Which I did. It amounts to self-love, self-respect and getting clear about who you are and what you want in a relationship. Since I’m writing about it here, this probably means it’s no longer a secret. But that’s okay. Because something like finding true love shouldn’t have to be an uphill struggle.

There is nothing wrong with being single. It’s not some kind of disease. It’s not proof that something’s wrong with you. (I live in the same society you do. I know the messages insinuating you must be flawed because you’re not married).  But if you don’t want to be single, or you really want to have a great relationship or you’re in a relationship already and aren’t sure if it’s right for you, it may help to have someone help you figure it out. It may help if you have an objective person who is real and honest with you. It may help if you have someone in your corner teaching you how to love and honor yourself. (Yes, I know that last bit sounds a bit cheesy. But it’s amazing what happens to your love life when you learn how to honor yourself. )

I spend my days coaching intelligent people who, as smart as they are,  just can’t seem to figure out why they keep ending up in bad relationships. I help them get clear. I help them figure out what it is they want in love. I don’t let them get away with their self-sabotaging habits and I give them a lot of tools and strategies to help them as they traverse the intimidating world of dating.

Because there are so many people who need assistance-and because I love to write-I started this blog. If you’d like to learn more about what I do, you can check out gabriellebrooke.com. Otherwise, thanks for joining me here.

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