welcome to a whole new way of being in relationships

Posted on April 7, 2010


Recently I decided to give my life coaching company a makeover.

What I mean is, after weeks of debating and over analyzing and going back and forth and then back and forth again, I finally felt ready to choose a specialization (or a niche if you’re into all of that business jargon). And you know what? I’m so excited about how I’ve changed things. Empowering women in relationships is what I love to do. Talk to me about a romantic relationship or a relationship problem or your struggles with dating and oh do I love to hear about it.

I’ll admit, it had gotten pretty bad before I figured it out. Last month I found myself asking way too many questions when my hairdresser started talking about her boyfriend.  There was the client who called me to learn Jungian dream analysis and before I knew it, we were talking about how difficult it is to be in the dating scene when one is in her 60’s.

And the other day, I found myself wanting to contact my gay therapist from years back. I decided against it because I realized it might be strange if I told him no, actually I wasn’t calling for a session, I was just dying to know if things worked out with the  guy he was seeing when we had last spoken. (Yes. I am completely serious).

I woke up one morning and it was like-Of course! Of course I’m meant do dating and relationship coaching! This is what I love to do! Could it be any more obvious?

So welcome. I want shift to happy to be all about how to approach relationships in an entirely new way-in a way that is authentic and empowering for women (although I won’t be mad if you’re not a woman and you still read this). I want it to hold some incredibly good dating and relationship advice. I want it to be chalk full of coaching tools and strategies that can make your romantic life a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

But most of all, I want you to know that someone’s got your back while you’re out there in the big, intimidating world of dating. Someone who is going to be real with you, someone who is not going to let you get away with the self-sabotage you’ve been participating in for years, someone who is going to cheer you on as you face and challenge your lizard and all of the other scary stuff that comes with trying to find a great relationship (more on your lizard later) .

I hope this blog can help bring you one step closer to being madly in love. I hope it can help give you the push you need to be brave enough to change. I hope it can help you make that shift to happy. Being happy is a  wonderful place to be. Thanks for joining me.

*There’s even a new website! You can check it out at www.gabriellebrooke.com

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