A little note about self-worth

Posted on April 22, 2010


My brother sent me these gorgeous soaps from France for my birthday. They were incredible-I could smell them as soon as I opened the UPS box. Each one of them was carefully wrapped in some old-fashioned looking wax paper and placed gently in a paper soap box that was decorated beautifully.

My first thought was-Wow. My second thought went something like this-These are so pretty, I couldn’t possibly ever use them. I mean, what occasion in my life would constitute the use of such luxurious soaps?

Then you know what I did? I decided I was going to give them to someone else. I thought of several friends who would be absolutely delighted to receive them so I put them in the drawer I have reserved for gifts.

And then something great happened. I caught myself.

See, as silly as this may sound, those soaps actually represented something much greater than soaps. They represented something that I thought, on some level, I didn’t deserve. I reasoned that they were too good for me and thus should be given to someone else.

When I realized what I was doing, what the limiting thought was behind my actions, I pulled those things out of their boxes and put them all around the house. Now each bathroom in our house smells like lilacs or lavender or honeysuckle.

It’s interesting, really, all of the little ways we show our selves and others what we think we deserve or don’t deserve.

There are women in the world that I’ve met that seem to have a complex with this-they make insane demands and are unreasonably picky and exclusive. And yes, their deserving issues DO get them into trouble. But I can count on one hand the number of women I’ve met who were like this.

The women I work with usually have the opposite problem. They don’t believe they deserve that much AT ALL, and so they keep themselves locked into this disappointing box where they reason that it’s okay for others to get what THEY want-it’s just not going to happen to them.

Today, I want you to watch all of the ways you give yourself and others subtle messages that you aren’t really worth that much. See if you can catch yourself in your limited thinking. See if you can find that thought. Then challenge it by taking a different action-an action that displays your strong sense of self-worth. And watch the world respond in turn.

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