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Posted on April 23, 2010


(This meditation is from one of my favorite relationship coaches, Katherine Woodward Thomas. )

-Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position. (It’s probably best not to lie down during a meditation as you may be tempted to fall asleep.) Notice if there is any tension in your body. If so, try to release it and allow yourself to feel relaxed. Focus on your breathing, allowing your breath to fill up your belly and then your heart.

-Imagine a beautiful light expanding the energy around your heart with each breath. Next, think of your neighbors. Notice that there is vibrant energy that connects your heart to their hearts and back again from them to you. Say to yourself:

I am connected to everyone and everything.

Now think of some others whom you come into contact with on a daily basis. Again, notice that beautiful force field of energy that connects you with each person. Repeat this phrase. Now, imagine that you are walking down a street. Again, see this loving energy connecting you to everyone you pass. Continue to repeat this phrase.

*Spend at least three minutes doing this exercise. After doing this meditation, see if you feel an increased connection between yourself and others.

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