If I had a man…

Posted on May 11, 2010


We’re going to play a little game. I want you to answer this statement by filling in the blank:

If I had a man, _________________________________.

If you had a man or a boyfriend or a husband or a great relationship (whatever it is you really want) how do you think your life would be different? What do you think you would have that you currently don’t have?

Some of my clients have answered this question with the following:

Love. Security. Constant companionship. Happiness. A date to everything. Someone to help keep the bed warm.

Be honest. What is it you think having a partner would bring you?

Write it down. Write it ALL down.

Look closely over this list, as it echoes your thoughts and beliefs. It also echoes an energy of lack. If you wrote that having a husband would bring you security, it means that right now you don’t believe you have security. If you wrote that having a boyfriend would mean that you’d always have a date to events, it means you don’t think it’s okay for you to just go to events by yourself.

I want you to take your time with your list. Write down everything you think a relationship will bring you, what you think you don’t currently have already. Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite coaching tools. I’ll show you how to shift these limiting thoughts of lack into ones that make you much happier. But for now, just answer this question: How would things be different if you had a man?

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