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weekly chocolate-On being overwhelmed

June 11, 2010


“One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.” -Barbara Walters I am one of those people who dreams big. So you’re probably not surprised to hear that I also have some wonderful friends who dream big too. And big dreams require big goals. One friend of mine is training for a […]

Know Thyself

June 9, 2010


In a previous post, I discussed the importance of being honest with people about what’s important to you in a relationship. One should be aware of what she is willing and is not willing to compromise before seriously getting involved with anyone. And that of course, would require that one really knows herself. I am […]

Dysfunctional Dating Pattern #3: Pretending IT is not important

June 7, 2010


There’s something that’s important to you. I mean, REALLY important. You want to get married some day. Or you love kids and want some of your own. Or you don’t love kids and don’t want any. Or you love your pets and wouldn’t dream of giving them away. Or you’re devout to your religion. Whatever […]

weekly chocolate

June 4, 2010


Appreciate one awesome thing today. I found this really cool blog, which has now been turned into a book, called 1000 Awesome Things. After being jilted by his wife, the author decided to think of one awesome thing per day that he could write about. I love this idea. I know we’ve all  heard of […]

Are YOU giving off “Use Me” Vibes? 4 Signs of Exploitation

June 3, 2010


As women, most of us know the common sense rules of keeping ourselves safe. We don’t walk by ourselves through dark, sketchy alleys, we park under the lights in the parking lot, we know better than to be on our cell phones if we’re alone and it’s dark out.  (You do know that last one, […]

Dysfunctional Dating Pattern #2: Falling for the Flame-Out

June 1, 2010


In a post last week, I discussed the first Dysfunctional Dating Pattern-Rescuing the Deeply Wounded Man. The next day, Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, gave an interview to Nightline about his divorce. He claimed his abusive childhood caused him to cheat on his wife. What a completely pathetic excuse for infidelity! Thank you, Mr. James, […]