You and Your Stuff

Posted on July 19, 2010


Happy women know that their worth is not determined by what they have or how they look but rather by successful relationships and emotional well-being. -From What Happy Women Know

-Think of five relationships that are extremely important to you and your life. How would you rate these relationships?

-Do you have a positive relationship with yourself?

Those two aforementioned criteria are what psychologists are stating are really the determinants of our happiness. Of course, BMW, Cartier and other retailers would rather have you think differently. But the old adage that money can’t buy us happiness has now been proven with research and scientific evidence-it’s our relationships that determine our levels of life satisfaction. (AND marketers know this on some level. You’ll see that ads usually show people with the advertised product in happy relationships with friends, family and significant others).

If you start to really think about it, even your worst job ever was probably so awful because of the negative relationships you had with your coworkers. The opposite can be true as well. I know for me, some potentially bad jobs (working in a deli, moonlighting as a fashion consultant) were actually fun because I worked with such awesome people.

So it’s not about the Benjamins, baby. Happiness is not going to come from buying more stuff. It comes from your relationships. The relationship you have with yourself and the relationships you have with others.

I certainly can’t claim to not want more stuff (and even if I tried, my husband would not let me get away with posting that!).  I’m not saying you should renounce all material possessions either. What I am saying is that a new pair of shoes, no matter how hot, are not going to give you love. When you realize this, you no longer “need” any thing but those precious people you love and care about.

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