Celebrate the small stuff

Posted on August 26, 2010


I am not really a fan of Cosmo magazine but a few months ago I found an online article that was brilliant. It was about an important habit that is essential to a great relationship: The art of celebration.  (You can read the full article here).

As the article states, we’re often told that tragedies, if handled in a loving and compassionate way, can bring couples closer together. But so can good things, if we stop to celebrate them. I can attest, from personal experience, that constant celebration yields an incredible sense of support in a relationship.

My husband and I don’t just celebrate our anniversaries, birthdays and big career gains. We celebrate the little things, too. And because these come around more often than the big things, we get to celebrate stuff more often. In fact, I don’t think a week goes by without us celebrating something.

We have these little goals that we work towards that are perhaps too silly or seem too insignificant to share with others. In coaching, we call those small goals “turtle steps.” Although not as big or impressive as the really big goals towards which we are working, these turtle steps are moving us in the right direction. We celebrate their completion and it inspires us to keep going.

My husband made a goal for more work/life balance so we celebrated the week he came home before 6pm. I got tired of being a caffeine junkie, so we celebrated the month I gave up espresso.

We celebrate all of this stuff. It does make a big difference. Not only does it create a kind of light-hearted and fun atmosphere in your relationship, but having someone to celebrate your small goals with you is like having your own personal cheerleader.  So go ahead and get some balloons. Put a birthday candle on a cupcake. Create a silly victory song or cheer. Buy some confetti.

Go ahead and celebrate the small stuff.  This is one habit you’ll certainly want to keep.