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Changing Course

September 30, 2010


This past month, I’ve been discussing the inevitable Change-Back attacks one receives when one makes a big change. We’ve talked about how your positive changes can bring out the worst in even your closest compadres. We’ve thoroughly covered how to separate your friends from your frenemies and we’ve even discussed the difficulties one may want […]

The Family Frenemy

September 24, 2010


When you’ve recognized Frenemy behavior from those closest to you and taken proactive steps to address it, there’s little else you can do but separate yourself from parties who refuse to respect the new changes you’ve made. This is not so easy, however, when the Frenemy is some one to whom you are related. You […]

Preventing Toxic Waste

September 21, 2010


Toxic Waste. It’s what happens when you allow Frenemies and Change-Back attacks to dictate what is best for your love life. If you’ve identified Frenemies in your life, then it’s time for you to develop a plan to deal with them. Although the term ‘Frenemy’ is reminiscent of adolescent girls, the Frenemy exists in every […]

Separating the Friends from the Frenemies

September 17, 2010


Let’s say, after reading these posts about Frenemies, you think you’ve got one. As I cautioned earlier, it’s best not to quickly jump to conclusions about anyone’s character, especially when you’ve just made a big change that may have them feeling kinda threatened. So how, exactly, does one separate one’s Friends from one’s Frenemies? How […]

Three Types of Fremenies

September 15, 2010


How many Frenemies does it take to rain on your parade? Just one. That’s if you let ’em. But just in case you’ve got more than one frenemy, or in case you’re not sure if you’re dealing with one, below are descriptions of the three most common types. Frenemy #1:  The Hopeless Cynic Description: You […]

Enter: Frenemies

September 14, 2010


You’ve made a great, positive change in the way you do dating and relationships and you’ve gotten a Change-Back Attack from someone you assumed would be supportive. Well, now what do you do? You, dear reader, must decide who is a real friend and who is a frenemy so that you’ll know how to proceed. […]

Weekly Chocolate-On Change

September 10, 2010


“Change is the essence of life.Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

How to deal with the Change-Back Attack

September 9, 2010


In my last post, I discussed the unfortunate thing that happens to many people when they make a big change in their romantic lives: The Change-Back Attack. In case you missed it, here’s what a Change-Back attack is. Below are some ways you can deal with it: 1. Identify the Change-Back Attack. Even if you […]

Change-Back Attack Examples

September 8, 2010


So after the last post, you may be wondering, how exactly is one to know if one is receiving a Change-Back attack? Here are some typical examples of Change Back attacks: -A friend or family member tells you that you’ve changed. (Watch out for those two words. They almost always signal a Change-Back attack when […]

The Change-Back Attack

September 7, 2010


At some point, in your ever-evolving life, in your ever-growing self, things are going to change. That’s right. As hard as you may have tried in the past to keep things just the way they are, one day you are going to wake up and decide that you need to shift. Maybe you’re tired of […]