Change-Back Attack Examples

Posted on September 8, 2010


So after the last post, you may be wondering, how exactly is one to know if one is receiving a Change-Back attack?

Here are some typical examples of Change Back attacks:

-A friend or family member tells you that you’ve changed. (Watch out for those two words. They almost always signal a Change-Back attack when the tone indicates displeasure at this change.)

-A friend or family member accuses you of abandoning him/her because you’re spending more time with your new boyfriend/girlfriend.

-Negative or pessimistic remarks about relationships or marriage. May even cite divorce statistics or talk about partners who cheat, etc.

-Bringing up your past relationship failures/poor choices that you’ve made in relationships. Or they may bring up relationships in the past that have really hurt you.

-Saying negative things about your new boyfriend/girlfriend, especially shallow remarks about looks or clothing choices he/she has made, income, car he/she is driving, etc.

-Rolling eyes at you or saying derogatory things whenever you talk about your new dating life/new relationships.

Of course there are a million other possibilities of Change-Back attacks. You’ll know one when you get one because:

1. It will be from someone who is very important to you in some way.

2. It will feel like a slap in the face.

Had I known about Change-Back attacks, I could have saved myself many sleepless nights years ago when I met my husband. So in my next post, dear reader, I will chronicle the steps for gracefully dealing with a Change-Back attack.