Weekly Chocolate: Defining your Path

Posted on November 5, 2010


Do you know what you want? Do you know what you’re looking for in your romantic relationships and what you won’t tolerate? Getting clear about your answers to these questions is an important part of getting Un-Stuck.

Here’s some food for thought from marriage therapist Katherine Woodward-Thomas:

It’s important that we know our limits. It’s important that we understand what we don’t want, what we won’t put up with, and what we absolutely will not tolerate. We must be clear about which opportunities presented to us are ones that we should pass on. When we are authentic with ourselves by setting our limits, honoring our feelings, prioritizing our own well-being and clearly defining our wants and needs, we identify the path we are on, making it much easier for love to come to us.

-From her book Calling In The One

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