The 4 B’s

Posted on March 31, 2011


This month, you’ve learned 1) How to access your fail-proof, inner guidance system (Your Body’s Compass) and you’ve been given a 2) Profile Your Life Chart so that you can evaluate the areas of your life that need changing.

With the information you’ve gathered using these two tools, you will be able to  clearly see the people, situations and events that serve you (and of course, the ones that don’t). At this point, you pretty much have everything you need to makeover your life.

Spend time with and on the people and things that energize you and drastically reduce-or just stop-spending your time with people and in situations that don’t energize you.

If your Body Compass reads positive, keep moving in that direction. If it reads negative, change course. This is how you conduct a life makeover. It really is that simple.

However, this being life, there will inevitably be some times when your Body Compass reads negative,and yet you may have some very practical reasons for continuing. Let’s say for example you hate your job. The workplace, your coworkers and the work you do all give your Body Compass a negative reading.

But quitting before you find another job may mean that you can’t pay your rent. And being evicted from your apartment definitely ranks more negative on your Body Compass than going into the office tomorrow. So what should you do when you notice a negative Body Compass reading but are not sure you are ready to drop something?

You implement the 4 B’s. The 4 B’s are:

1)      Bag-Don’t do it.

2)     Better-Make the situation better in some way.

3)     Barter-Have someone do this for you in exchange for something you will do for them.

4)     Buy-Pay someone to do it for you.

To 1) Bag something means that you refuse to participate in the activity, event or life of a person who is giving you negative readings. You don’t go to the party you’ve been dreading, you don’t call back your ex, you don’t continue to hang out with the friend who is condescending.

To bag something means just that-you bag it. This is certainly one option that you have when your Body Compass reads negative. I would highly recommend that you consider bagging anyone and anything who gives your Body Compass a reading more than a -3. Life is too short to spend on people and things that make you miserable. Of course, this B may not always be in your best interest. In that case, you have three more to choose from.

To 2) Better something is to make the situation better for you in some way. You may choose to better something rather than bag it because sometimes the consequence of NOT doing something causes more problems than doing the actual thing itself.

Bettering something is to make the situation better by giving yourself something that you do enjoy, even while doing the activity you don’t enjoy. You go to the dreaded party, but you make it better by bringing a great friend. You call back your ex, but you make the conversation better by limiting the time you talk to him/her to 5 minutes. You hang out with the condescending friend, but you choose to go see a movie with this person, so that you don’t have to communicate with him/her as much. This is another option that you have.

To 3) Barter something means that you have someone else do that activity that you don’t want to do in exchange for something that you’d rather do.  When I was setting up my coaching company, the marketing and web designing aspect of it was overwhelming and something I hated to do. I, however, love to coach. So I found someone to do this for me (who also wanted some coaching), in exchange for coaching sessions. Bartering is a great option when you get a negative reading on your Body Compass, but this B does require some organization and planning with others.

If you have the money (and sometimes it doesn’t take a lot), you can 4) Buy or pay someone to do what it is you don’t want to do. Maybe you don’t want to take care of your lawn or you hate grocery shopping. For almost everything imaginable, there is a company out there that would be happy to do your dreaded activity for you (for a price). This is another option that you have.

Whenever you find your Body Compass reading negative, remember that you always have 4 options, 4 delicious B’s, that you can choose from. Happy Makeover!

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