The Power of Finally Letting Go

Posted on April 4, 2011


There’s something in your life that you need to release. Something that you’ve been holding onto that’s dragging you down, that’s bringing negative energy into your life and that’s sapping the energy that you need for the present.

There’s something you need to let go of.

Maybe it’s a relationship from your past. Maybe it’s a grudge you’ve been holding against someone who betrayed you. Maybe it’s something or someone you’ve been hoping for that is not going to happen. Maybe it’s a series of negative thoughts or self-destructive tendencies.

The longer you hold onto this, the longer it will take you to find the people with whom you can have great relationships. When you’re stuck holding onto the past, you block serendipitous situations that are meant to help you create your best life for the future. That’s why it’s absolutely essential for you to learn to let go.

When you do finally let go of whatever it is you’ve been holding onto, amazing things start to happen. First of all, you’ll feel much lighter and much freer. Holding onto stuff from the past really does weigh you down. Releasing it will feel similar to losing a lot of weight.

Second of all, you will start to find yourself dreaming bigger about what you want in life. You may begin to notice thoughts, feelings and desires you were previously unaware of.

A third thing you can expect is that letting go of the old will clear some symbolic space in your life for new people, situations and events that will help you realize these new dreams. When you gather up enough courage to truly let go, it’s as if the universe starts conspiring to help you move forward. Be prepared for some incredible coincidences and synchronicity.

There is incredible power in learning to finally let go. This month, we’ll be focusing on strategies and coaching tools to help you undertake one of the most important steps in your personal journey of growth.

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