Online Dating: Really?

Posted on June 8, 2011


Online dating seems to have gotten quite a bad rep.

I know you’ve heard the horror stories from some of your friends or acquaintances. I know this because when I suggest online dating to very busy, very successful, very time-crunched clients who really don’t have many ways to meet potential partners, I get the same response: A look of complete disbelief and a Really?

Yes. Online dating really can work. But it doesn’t have a chance to work if you don’t at least give it one.

To be fair, horror stories exist about online dating because there are some horrible people who try to pick up others on line. Just like there are horrible people at bars, at clubs and even at some of your friend’s weddings who also try to pick up others.

Let’s face it-this is life and horrible people exist. Horrible people who may flirt with you and try to get you to go out with them.

Those of us who’ve dated online can pull out a ridiculous story or two about our internet rendezvous when we want to entertain others. Take, for example, the guy who lied about his age and sent me a picture of himself from 15 years ago! (I thought his haircut looked a little outdated).

When I showed up to the restaurant where we planned to meet, the young, strapping attractive man from the picture was a bald, old man with hair growing out of his ears. Then there was the “divorced” guy who, when questioned after a few glasses of wine, told me that he wasn’t quite yet divorced. Actually he was still quite married. 

See? I have some of these bad stories about online dating, too.  But I also have many more stories about other horrible people I’ve met at dance clubs, at outdoor events, and even through colleagues and mutual friends. When you’re single and dating, you’re going to stumble across some people whose primary purpose in your life is to be the antagonist in a funny story you can tell at a cocktail party. That’s just the way it goes.

So yes, horrible people do exist in the online dating world. But so do a lot of other very kind, caring, wonderful people who, like you, are looking for a quality relationship. Before you write off online dating as something you’d never try, hear me out this summer as I discuss how to go about online dating the smart way.

Remember, for every horror story you’ve heard, there’s a story with a happy ending that you just haven’t heard yet. Many of us have met the loves of our lives online (yours truly included) but we also learned the ways to go about this kind of intimidating process in a strategic way.

I’ll share everything I know with you this summer about how to make online dating a successful experience.  Hope to see you back here soon!

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