Your Online Profile: Step One

Posted on June 23, 2011


This summer, we’re examining all of the things you need to do to be successful in the world of online dating. After you’ve gotten a set of great pictures taken (see here and here for some tips and information about this), you’ll need to begin the somewhat intimidating process of writing up your profile.

Whether you consider yourself a great writer or you’re the kind of person who feels green just thinking about former English classes, writing a great online profile takes a different set of skills than you’re probably used to. And because it is a different genre of writing, you may feel uncomfortable about even getting started.

First, the bad news: You will be required to write concisely and strategically about your interests, your hobbies, your job and your belief system. It’s never easy to write about our own selves anyway, but online, you’ve got to make sure to include enough information (to attract the right kind of people) but not so much information that you bore someone or come across as self-absorbed. I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s a difficult task.

But the good news is that if you break this intimidating process into a series of steps (which is what I will be helping you do this month and next), you’ll end up with a great profile that will begin to attract the kind of people you actually want to date.

If you follow the instructions I give you, you will be able to give each ‘assignment’ the thoughtfulness and the time it deserves and you won’t feel so overwhelmed. So to get you started, this weekend, I’d like you to do some homework.

1. First, I would like you to make a list of your personality/characters strengths. What nice things do people generally say about you? That you are patient? A good listener? Really funny? Go ahead and try to come up with 10 traits others have told you that they admire. (You don’t have to point out your physical traits, because people will be able to see these just by looking at your pictures.)

2. Second of all, ask at least two friends what they think are your personality and character strengths. Many times, we take the best parts of ourselves for granted, because they are such a part of us. Oftentimes, other people will be able to see things within us that are very positive that we are unable to see for ourselves.

Once you’ve gathered these three lists, you’ll be ready for your next step! Stay tuned for more next week…

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