The Self-Worth Challenge

Posted on August 4, 2011


I’ve alluded to this Self-Worth Challenge in August’s newsletter and in my earlier posts this month ( if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, here’s the link So finally, here it is. Below you’ll find an overview of what the Self-Worth Challenge is, the purpose of the challenges and what you can expect for this month:

Because low self-worth is a core issue, it will inevitably affect many areas of your life. I may or may not be working with you as an individual client at this time, but regardless, I’m going to take you through three of the most common areas where low self-worth causes problems and give you a set of ‘challenges’ to work on each week in order to assist you on overcoming the core issue that’s at the heart of all of this.

The challenges presented in this blog each week will be related to the theme for that particular week. You’ll be able to easily identify your weakest area(s) because those will be the assignments you try to avoid completing. When you notice resistance, that’s a great sign that you absolutely must complete any and all challenges that are listed.

Problems with self-worth usually present problems for people in 1) Their romantic relationships (go figure), 2) Their boundaries with friends and families and 3) Their image and health (weight, diet & exercise, dress, attitude, etc) . Therefore, these will be the three categories we tackle this month.

To be part of the Self-Worth Challenge, all you have to do is show up, read the challenges for each particular week and, as frightened as you may be, complete them. Just like in a coaching session, I will never give you too much to do too soon. Slow and steady always wins the race.

Challenges start off very easy (yes, in turtle steps for those of you who’ve attended my sessions and workshops) and will gradually work their way into more difficult terrain. For this reason, it is imperative that you don’t skip around or only complete the challenges that seem easy for you. Remember, we’re dealing with a deeply embedded set of negative beliefs here, and you’ll have to muster up some bravery to complete all of the challenges.

The rewards will be totally and completely worth it. At the very least, you will have stretched yourself beyond your comfort zone, faced some of the fears that have held you back and practiced different forms of behavior. What I’m hoping will happen, however, is even greater than that.

I’ve designed the challenges so that you will be able to start chipping away at the core issue of not believing you are worth enough. Even a few chips off of a core issue can have a dramatic impact. Then, if you’d like to work more on this, we can do so in individual sessions.

Welcome to the Self-Worth Challenge. I’m glad you’ve decided to join us. Good luck!

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