The 3 Change Personalities

Posted on March 2, 2012


In my last post, I introduced three ways people choose to deal with change. I call these, “The Change Personalities.” Although you may notice that you choose a different way to deal with change for different life circumstances, generally speaking, most of us usually prefer one way to deal with change over another.

The way in which we most often choose to deal with change determines our success (or lack thereof) in life.

{I define success as living a life you love to live}

The 3 Change Personalities I’ve noticed in my coaching practice are:

1. The Alices. I’ll discuss the Alices in my next post.

2. The Sign People. More on them later.

3. Successful Change Agents (aka SCA’s). I would love to help you shift into this kind of person, as these people are the ones who are really living their lives (as opposed to their lives living them). But more on them in another post.

So which change personality do you prefer? Read on, be honest with yourself and find out.