More about The Sign People…

Posted on March 7, 2012


This week I gave you a synopsis of another group of people who are afraid to make decisions: The Sign People. In case it’s still not clear how Sign People run their lives, let me give you an example of an acquaintance of mine who is a Sign Person.

This woman told all of her friends that she was ready to transition from a demanding, low-paying job to a better-paying position in the technology field. Although I offered to help her revise her resume, and several of her friends generously helped her get informational interviews in technologically-centered companies, this woman did not do the basic ground work she would need to do to change careers.

When I pointed out to her that she would probably at the very least need some training, if not a degree in the field in order to make the transition into a highly technical field, she claimed that if it were meant to be, she would land a job. When several others pointed out that she would have to do some research and follow-up with the informational interviews to be considered for a position in the future, she shrugged off their suggestions. “I’m sure the universe is looking out for my best interests,” she said.

When someone who had worked in the industry for over 15 years gave her some advice, (advice that centered on the work that was going to be needed to be successful), she ignored what he told her. “If it’s meant to be, it will happen,” she would constantly say. And of course it never did.

Like the relative of mine who deliberately doesn’t make choices because, as she claims, “I’d rather not make the wrong one so I trust the universe to make the best one for me,”  Sign People actively choose not to create their own lives. 

Rather than viewing a failure as an opportunity to revise their plans, they give up, claiming it wasn’t in their destiny. These people are always talking about signs and fate, which is why I call them The Sign People. Like the Alices of the world, they are afraid to take responsibility for their own lives but they also entertain a strange kind of arrogance. They believe they are somehow more special than regular people and don’t have to put in the work that others do to be successful. They believe they will somehow be taken care of by the universe or God or some other non-worldly power and that they don’t have to follow the rules. All they have to do is follow the signs.  

Successful change agents know better. They live by the mantra-If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.  Sure, they invest in as much help as they can get-from friends, mentors and higher powers as well. But at the end of the day, they know and understand that their choices are what create their lives.