The Inevitable Obstacles

Posted on March 28, 2012


Life is full of obstacles, set-backs and unexpected things that happen. I’m not sure why we are so surprised by this. Cars break down. Family members get sick. People get laid off. This is life and sometimes crappy things happen. 

Successful women know this. They also know that, while they couldn’t possibly prepare for every possible catastrophe, they can choose to be as prepared as possible for when things go wrong. 

Successful Change Agents have a budget and an emergency savings account. They have back-up plans. They have wills. They have mentors and a solid group of supportive friends and family on whom they can rely when things get tough.  They have multiple streams of income. They have an extensive professional network.

They have big dreams but also know that there will be the inevitable obstacles on their path to carving out their dreams. They don’t let this discourage them. And they are not naive enough to believe that just  because they are on the right path means that nothing will go wrong. Because it will. 

One of the main differences between Successful Change Agents and others is that SCA’s have the resilience to persevere.