Laurels aren’t for resting upon

Posted on March 30, 2012


This month, we’ve been looking at how successful women approach change. One thing I’ve rarely heard discussed is what successful women do after they’ve accomplished something great. There are so many books and articles and blogs devoted to attaining success and reaching one’s goals that if can be easy to forget that if you keep at it, you probably will be successful. But then what do you do? 

What do successful  women do once they’ve created their dream lives?

They maintain it.

You already know that everything worth having needs maintenance. Your cashmere sweaters need to be dry-cleaned. Your car needs its oil changed. Your body needs an annual exam to ensure your health. You need to call the people who matter to you so that they know you’re still around.

Your success also needs maintenance as well. 

Talk to anyone who has worked hard to lose weight and get toned and ask them what happened when they stopped maintaining their fitness level. Talk to anyone who has amassed a fortune and ask them what would have happened had they not kept track of their investments. 

Once you work hard to create your dream life, you need to maintain it. I mean, you don’t want to have worked so hard at designing an awesome life just to have it fall apart, do you?

Career and money coach Lois Frankel puts it quite nicely in her book Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich. She states: We are so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs and assets that we often neglect our own.  Frankel points out how often women neglect to maintain their personal success and material possessions as part of what she terms “nice girl social conditioning.” 

When you reach one of your big goals, when you reach a personal milestone or accomplish something big, go ahead and celebrate. Gather up those laurels. You certainly deserve them. But also remember that any success worth achieving is also worth maintaining. 

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