Spring Clean Your Mind

Posted on April 1, 2012


This spring, as you tackle the ubiquitous list of cleaning to-do’s, I’d like to challenge you to another task. I’d like you to spring clean your mind.

Now, I’m not trying to convince you to rid yourself of dirty thoughts (what fun would that be?) But rather, I’d like you to learn, through some discipline and practice, to begin the process of cleaning out those needlessly self-critical, negative and debilitating lizard thoughts. {Not sure who or what your lizard is, exactly? You can read here for more information.}

That’s right. I want you to  scrub your psyche clean of all the thoughts that are holding you back from creating a life you’d love to live.

Why start with thoughts?

Because all of your actions originate from your thoughts. All of your feelings are preceded by your thoughts. Thought-cleansing work is the beginning of conscious change.

Yes, behavior-oriented steps are just as important as thought-work when you’re actively and consciously moving forward. In fact, both are needed in order for someone to make permanent changes. 

But this month, in keeping with the theme of spring, we’re going to just practice cleaning up your mind.

For those of you who’ve had sessions with me, I hope you’ll use the following blog posts as helpful reminders of some of the work you started with me. For those of you who are trying this out for the first time, get ready for some mind-blowing realizations.  Let’s begin… 

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