Some of my lizard thoughts

Posted on April 3, 2012


As usual, my lizard-Blanche- is hard at work, trying to convince me that I am a horrible parent, coach and wife (and this all in one hour!) and that my successes won’t last forever. As I promised, here are some of her most recent gems. (You’ll note that she is relentless.

-You are a terrible mother. How could you not have realized he needed his diaper changed? 

-What kind of mother doesn’t realize that the stroller strap is too tight? Seriously, why did you even have children? 

-You really have no excuse not to have a spotless house-I saw all the dust on those bookshelves. Your home should be spotless, since you all do most of the day is stay at home with the baby. Don’t think your husband doesn’t notice. 

-A good wife would have found a way to do the grocery shopping, the accounting AND gotten dinner ready on time. 

-Just because you have a lot of clients now doesn’t mean you always will. It won’t be long before your business dries up and you won’t have any. 

-Should you really have planned that vacation? You should be saving that money. You two are consultants, remember? Steady income now doesn’t mean there will always be steady income. You should be saving every penny

-Who takes a six month old baby on a weekend hiking trip to an unfamiliar cabin he’s never been to? Once again, like I’m always saying, you are a terrible parent. 

Have you been noticing your lizard thoughts this week? I sure hope so. Because next week I’m going to teach you some tricks to quiet that lizard and get your power and your confidence back.

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