Outsmarting your lizard

Posted on April 9, 2012


If you’ve been doing your homework (and I hope you have), by now you’ve identified probably quite a few lizard thoughts. Maybe you’ve been surprised at how often your lizard speaks and how downright terrible your lizard can be. Writing those lizard thoughts down may have been somewhat of a not-so-pleasant revelation.

Well, I have good news for you. Your lizard has the IQ of a reptile. Therefore, with a little guidance, a couple of coaching tools and some practice, you’ll be able to outsmart that cold-blooded conscious in no time.

There are several lizard-thought transforming tools out there but one of my all-time favorites is Byron Katie’s The Work. It’s simple (only 4 questions and a Turn-Around), it doesn’t take that long to do and you can do this anywhere, at any time (as long as you’ve got the 4 questions memorized).

Here’s how it works. First, you identify a lizard thought. Then you put the lizard thought up to ‘inquiry” (which is what Katie calls her 4 questions). Once you’ve asked yourself the 4 questions, you figure out the opposite thought to your original thought and then give some reasons why the opposite thought could be just as true as your original thought. 

The four questions are: 

1. Is this thought true? 

2. Can I be absolutely sure that this thought is true? 

3. Who am I with this thought? (How do I feel, how do I react when I believe this thought is true?)

4. Who would I be without this thought? (If you could no longer think this thought, how would you feel and react?)

*Then, state the opposite of your original thought. 

This week, I’ll be providing you with examples taken from some of my favorite, recent lizard musings. For more information on Byron Katie’s The Work, you can check out her website: thework.com. She also has videos showing people doing inquiry with her, and some free worksheets, too. 

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