Posted on April 12, 2012


Each day of this month marks a new opportunity for me to go within, pull out my lizard thoughts and dissolve them with The Work.  Because we are spring cleaning our minds this month, I’m going to share as many of my lizard thoughts and stories with you so that you can to get your psyche spic-and-span.  

Just the other day my lizard Blanche had this to say while I was planning a much-needed vacation. Should you really have planned that vacation? You should be saving that money. You two are consultants, remember? Steady income now doesn’t mean there will always be steady income. You should be saving every penny

This story is a favorite of Blanche’s. She has several variations of this thought but the theme is basically the same-You should not be spending money because one day you will run out. Here’s I tackled this lizard thought with The Work. 

Lizard thought: You should not be spending money on a vacation because one day you will run out of money. 

1.) Is this true?

Yes. If I keep spending money, it will run out. 

2). Can I absolutely know that this thought is true?

Hmmmm. Well, no. We keep making money. But there is a possibility that money could one day run out. 

3). Who am I with this thought?

Frantic. Nervous about booking the hotel. Anxious when I think about how high gas and airline tickets are. My stomach feels clenched tight. My shoulders are also tight. I am certainly not enjoying the process of booking a vacation. And if I continue to think these thoughts, I’m not going to enjoy my vacation which is counterproductive to taking one.

4). Who am I without this thought?

I am a woman booking a vacation. I am excited. I am happy. I feel my chest opening. I feel relieved that we are finally making time to take a break. I’m enjoying looking at all of our options and choosing where to go and where to stay and what to do.

*Turnaround: I should be spending money on a vacation because one day time will run out.

This is just as true as my lizard thought because:

a) We’ve saved up for this vacation so we can afford it. 

b) Life is going by faster and faster and sometimes we need to stop and enjoy it.

b) We have been so busy with medical issues and work this past year that we haven’t had a chance to take a break in awhile.

c) It will be nice to recharge and rest and relax for several days.

d) We work hard so why not enjoy the fruits of our labor?  

Now it’s your turn. 

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