My Time Wasters

Posted on June 11, 2012


The results are in. For the past 10 days, I’ve been tracking where and how I spend my minutes, my hours and my days. And wow. Wow, do I waste a lot of time on stupid sh*t. 

In any given day I can waste 3-4 hours on the internet. That’s right. Three to four hours. On the internet.

This always starts with good intentions, I may add. I go online to get a resource for a client or to email someone back or to submit an article. Then I get distracted. With ads popping up all over the place and little blurbs at the end of everything telling me what my friends on Facebook ‘liked’ it’s hard not to get distracted.  But distracted is maybe not the best word here. My internet habits are ranging on the extreme end of ADD.

Take yesterday, for example. I decided to get online to blog. Blogging is something I do for my clients and prospective clients. It relates to my business and so spending time on it is not something I consider a waste.  But before I even knew what happened, I had spent 90 minutes on Facebook and an hour on the “Celebrity” tab of the Huffington Post (Brangelina is getting married!) and, this is the kicker, I hadn’t even written the damn blog post yet. Two and half hours, which was my afternoon, completely gone. {For me, I’ve realized, the Internet is kind of like a bag of Tootsie Rolls. I intend to consume just a tiny bit, but before I know it, I’ve taken in way too much and then I feel nauseous.}

So! The internet is a huge tempting time waster for me. I’m glad to know this. Now I can take some proactive steps (like limiting my daily time on Facebook and just not ever clicking on the Celebrity tab of HuffPo) to get it under control.

But there are some other really big time wasters on my chart as well. Housework is a big one. A huge one, actually. I have no idea why I’m spending time making sure this place is spotless when I have a small child who, not only needs and deserves a lot of my attention, but who is growing up way too quickly. I know I’m not going to look back on the first year of my son’s life and go, “Wow. I’m so so so glad that our pantry was alphabetically organized when A. was a baby. That was so important to his growth and development as a human being.” 

Ugh! Housework! Another thing I need to put some barriers around. 

Okay, last one. (Yes, there is a lot of time in my day to be wasted apparently.) I waste a lot of time on doing activities one by one. Activities that, if combined, would be way more efficient. 

I read about five books a month. On average, two are for fun and three are books that some how relate to my coaching business. So what I’m saying is that I read a lot. I also workout four-five times a week. Why don’t I combine these? There’s only so much American Idol a person can stand while on the elliptical machine. If I read while I worked out, I could save a few hours each week to devote to something else. Like hanging out with my husband when the baby goes to bed. Or revising the novel I wrote a few years ago and sending it off to a publisher. Or finally learning the right way to maintain a koi pond.

There are so very many fun, meaningful things I could be doing with my time that don’t involve the internet, housework or inefficiency. In the weeks ahead, I’ll be showing you ways that I get my time wasters under control and I’d love to hear what you’re doing to maximize your life as well.  

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