Kicking It

Posted on June 20, 2012


Once you’ve taken a good, honest, hard look at the reasons why you spend your time on the things you do, you’re ready for a coaching tool to help free up some of your time. This tool is called Kicking It. 

Anything that you are doing out of the Toxic Triad of fear, obligation or guilt needs to go. No excuses here. These things are not serving you.

If you’re spending your time doing things you don’t really want to do because you’re afraid of what people will think or say, because you feel like you owe it to them or because you’re being guilted into it somehow, it’s a waste of your time. And there’s really only one effective way to deal with these time-drainers. That is to not do them at all. So when you look at your time chart and your intention labels, anything that got a TT needs to be Kicked to the Curb. That’s one way you can use the Kicking tool.  

Of course, some things on your chart may be commitments that you have made to others. Commitments are not things that you necessarily love to do but things that you do to improve the quality of your life and your relationships. I’ve spent many an hour helping a friend move, helping my husband with his website and buying toilet paper and cleaning supplies for the house. These are not things I am overjoyed to do. They are, however, things that I have committed to do in order to improve my life and the relationships I have with others.

No doubt that you’ll have a series of Commitments on your time chart as well. 

Commitments can often be Kicked to Someone Else in order to free up your time. This is the second way you can use the Kicking tool.

A lot of chores and errand running can be delegated to other members of your family or outsourced to a business. I recently learned that there is a service that will do your grocery shopping for you and deliver your groceries to your door and even organize them into your fridge and pantry! A friend of mine who hates to cook has outsourced all cooking to a very affordable small catering business in Atlanta. 

If you really hate to do something and your presence is not required, you can always find a creative way to kick some of those commitments to someone else. 

Remember, too, that women often have a very hard time delegating things to other people. If you notice some resistance to kicking a commitment to someone else, take a reflective moment to see why you feel this way. If you truly need to be there, then, yes, you can’t kick it to someone else. But it you’re operating under the belief that you have to do it because no one else will do it the ‘right’ way or as good as you can, it may be some time for you to do some thought-dissolving work.

This is your time we’re talking about. How you spend this precious resource dictates the quality of your life. At the end of day, does it really matter if your teenage daughter doesn’t do the laundry just like you’d like it to be done  or your assistant doesn’t organize the office as well as you do? Let go of the little things, don’t sweat the small stuff and open up your hours so that you can spend time on a life well-lived.   

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