Krunching It

Posted on June 22, 2012


If you’re not able to ‘Kick’ a task, then you may want to try this second time-saving coaching tool. I call this tool Krunching It.

To “Krunch” something means to complete a task in the most efficient way possible. With a little creativity and some planning, almost any activity on your time chart can be krunched. In this and the next few posts, I’ll share with you  some examples of how you can krunch things. 

One of my favorite ways to krunch my schedule is to multi-task. Doing several things at once usually saves time. Listening to an audio book on your commute to work, doing sit-ups while you’re playing with your small children on the floor and, my personal favorite, getting the dishes done while I wait for dinner on the stove to heat up, all adds up to a lot of time saved. Multi-tasking is definitely something women are better at than men and we can often save a lot of time because of this skill.

In her book 168 Hours, Laura Vanderkam states that she practices her plank pose during the 4 minutes it takes the microwave to heat up her lunch.  Many of my husbands’ colleagues who work on computers all day sit on stability balls to strengthen their ab muscles while they work. While I’m waiting for something to download on my computer, I often use those couple of minutes to catch up with friends on Facebook. There are tons of ways that you can fit two or three activities into one and open up your life. 

But, as a blogger recently pointed out to me, multi-tasking isn’t always the best, most efficient way to get things done. While reaching for a spoon and the box of oatmeal at the same time, this well-intentioned time-saver spilled the oatmeal, resulting in wasted time she had to use to clean up breakfast.

Multi-tasking doesn’t always save you time. And there are situations where it’s completely inappropriate. (Ever had lunch with someone who insisted on taking phone calls and texting people the entire time?) So you’ll have to judge whether or not it’s something you want to do for an activity. 

If it’s not, I’ll provide some other ideas on how you can krunch your schedule in the new few posts.

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