Assembly Line Philosophy

Posted on June 25, 2012


If multitasking won’t work for a task, another way you can Krunch your schedule is to apply the assembly-line philosophy to some of the tasks in your life.

One very simple way you can do this is by planning out your errands in advance. Have you ever gone to the grocery store only to realize, a few hours later, that you needed something from the Target located next door?

These days, I have my family make a list of things they need/errands that need to be run and then I plan the most efficient driving route to do them. I allocate a block of time on one weekday in which to get them all done. It takes a little advanced planning but I probably save between 2 and 3 hours each week because of this.

Because I run errands all over the Atlanta area, if I know I’m going to be in a certain city on a certain day, I try to meet a friend that lives nearby for coffee, lunch or dinner. It’s a good way to make the errand running a lot more pleasant, a way to catch up with friends and a great way to save time and gas.

There’s a reason why assembly lines are so time-efficient. When you are doing the same task over and over again, you are usually able to do it much faster. Doing similar tasks all at the same time is another way to maximize your time efficiency.  

I like applying the assembly line style to some of my commitments. I only load the dishwasher once in the evening, rather than putting dishes in it throughout the day. Our laundry for the week is all done at one time (all loads are first washed and then all loads are folded at the same time) and I write all of my blogs for the week (sometimes for the month) on one day. I’ve noticed myself saving tons of time this way.

These ideas certainly aren’t the extent of how your can Krunch your time and none of them are incredibly unique, either. They can, however,  get you started on your personal mission to free up your summer. The key to making this tool work for you is to remember to do it.

Next time you are looking at the commitments that you have to do for the week, make a conscious effort to see if you can Krunch any of them. Often, that’s all you need to save yourself an extra morning or afternoon of time to spend on something you truly enjoy.

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