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September 30, 2012


Women have a tendency to complicate things by analyzing, making excuses, and developing myriad complex theories.  In the world of relationships, things are actually quite simple which can make an intellectually-driven woman feel  intimidated. If things are simple, she will have to accept a reality she may not want to accept.   

The bad relationship ends…

September 29, 2012


…and inevitably someone in your friend circle or your family can’t get over it. Maybe this person is married and was hoping you were going to join the ranks of the married people. Maybe they romanticized what you had and when it ended, they decided they didn’t want to face a certain reality. Maybe they […]

You know what’s irrational?

September 28, 2012


  Arguing with reality. Each time you start a conflict with the way things are, you’re going to end up angry or hurt or confused or burdened.  Acceptance doesn’t mean passive inaction. Acceptance means that you can start to change in the real world.   

Kick A.S.S. Coaching. In a nutshell.

September 27, 2012


Use absolutely everything that  hurts you, scares you, confuses you, disappoints you, angers you, annoys you, frustrates you,  worries you, saddens you and exhausts you to drive yourself, your soul and your spirit deep inside of you in an effort to remember and re-engage your own truth. Use every sickness, every troubled relationship, every economic […]

Your Billboard

September 26, 2012


I read a fashion/style book by Tim Gunn several months ago. He said that everything you wear is like your own personal advertisement. When you leave the house in dirty sweats and unwashed hair you advertise: “Tired, harried woman who doesn’t care about her appearance.” Imagine, Gunn says, if we knew our outfits were going […]


September 25, 2012


The biggest mind-blowing, eye-opening life realization is that we actually assign meaning to what happens to us. And the meanings we assign are always a choice. It’s usually not what happens to us that hurts us but rather the meanings we assign.  He didn’t call me back is a fact. He didn’t call me back […]

The Order

September 24, 2012


In coaching, we have to start somewhere. So we often start with your thoughts. Your thoughts inspire both your emotions and your sense of logic and these inspire your actions. Your actions determine what happens in your life. And what happens in your life determines the quality of your life.   Trying to focus on […]

The Truth about Happy

September 23, 2012


Falling in love won’t make you happy. Being married won’t make you happy. Neither will having children.  Either you decide to be a happy person or you decide not to be.  Why must something happen in order for you to be happy? Give yourself permission to be happy now. 

Relationships take work

September 22, 2012


Because communicating is work. Because taking responsibility and accountability is work. Because showing up is work. Because compromising is work.  But in order for a relationship to work, both people must be willing to work at it and for it. A one-sided relationship isn’t really a relationship at all. 

It’s Simple

September 21, 2012


Either someone wants to be with you, or they don’t.  Either someone makes time for you and your relationship, or they don’t.  Either someone is kind to you or they aren’t. No need for complex psychoanalysis or excuses. No need to assign what someone else’s actions mean about you.  Things are or they aren’t.