Pearls and Pigs

Posted on September 10, 2012


Do you know why you’re not supposed to throw your pearls before swine? 

Is it because pigs are awful, horrible animals? Is it because pigs are immoral and untrustworthy? Is it because pigs are dirty, rotten liars? 

Of course not. Pigs are pigs. And, being pigs, they trample over things that get in their way. They roll around in the mud. They eat slop. They go oink, oink.  They do all of this because they’re pigs. That’s what pigs do. Pigs are pigs and you can’t expect them to recognize the value of pearls. 

You, however, should learn the value of your pearls. Because they’re yours. Because they’re actually priceless.

Stop blaming the pigs. Instead, start asking yourself why you’ve thrown something they could not possibly value in front of them.  


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