Finding the Right One

Posted on September 12, 2012


Several years ago, I was a store stylist for Ann Taylor. This meant, among other things, that I was able to take classes on the best ways to dress for particular body types. There was an entire class just on jeans alone. I am a woman who is completely educated on how to find the perfect pair of jeans.

A few weeks ago, I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. Even with all of the information I’ve gathered over the years, I still had to shop in five different stores and try on over 30 pairs of jeans before I found one that fit well.

The lesson is this: Although you may possess quite a bit of knowledge on a certain topic, it may still take a large commitment of time and energy before you are able to accomplish what you set out to do. Sometimes, the only way you can truly find out if something fits is to try it on.


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