Your Billboard

Posted on September 26, 2012


I read a fashion/style book by Tim Gunn several months ago. He said that everything you wear is like your own personal advertisement. When you leave the house in dirty sweats and unwashed hair you advertise: “Tired, harried woman who doesn’t care about her appearance.” Imagine, Gunn says, if we knew our outfits were going to be put up on a billboard in Times Square. What would people think you were advertising about yourself?

This is a cute way to view personal style. And many days I am advertising “Tired, harried mother who is just trying to make it to nap time.” 

The idea of advertising is also a big thing when you own your own business, like I do. I constantly read books about creating my “personal brand” and “reaching my audience” and “connecting with my market.” I don’t have the kind of business where I’d actually advertise on a billboard, but it’s interesting to think that everything from my blog to my website is like a billboard for my coaching company. 

You may not care about personal style and you may not own a business. But you are, all of the time, walking around with your own personal billboard.

How you treat other people is an advertisement of your character. Where you spend your time and money is an advertisement of your values. Your actions are a billboard of what you believe. You are, all of the time, advertising. 

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