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October 31, 2012


Anything you do to improve yourself will naturally spill over into your relationships and improve them as well.  Sometimes when you’ve made some really great sea changes, it will seem like some of your relationships are actually suffering because of them.  Big changes take some getting used to and there may be bumps in the […]

The first day of school

October 30, 2012


In my past life, I was a school teacher. The first day of school is always extremely important and almost all experienced teachers know how important this day is. That’s because the first day of school is the day where you state your classroom rules and your boundaries and the consequences for not following what’s […]

Making Time

October 29, 2012


  A woman called me recently and said she wanted to sign up for coaching because she was having trouble meeting quality men. I told her that she perhaps just needed some ideas and I started explaining to her the top five ways a woman can meet quality men (a list I give to everyone […]

Who would you be without your story?

October 28, 2012


This question comes from one of my favorite spiritual mentors, Byron Katie.  But if I answer this question honestly, I get two different answers. Without my story, I am free and liberated. But without my story, I don’t have a sense of self, which is incredibly scary. Like death, almost.  Where I am in my […]

When you’re learning to be assertive

October 27, 2012


When you’re learning to be assertive, you’re going to make some mistakes. At times, you’re going to probably slip back into the way you used to be. You may be a temporary doormat, or something may trigger your people-pleasing tendencies. It happens.  Alternatively, when you’re learning to be assertive, you may overstep boundaries and be […]

Fool me once…

October 26, 2012


You know how this goes. Once someone shows you who they are, it’s really best to just accept that. You’ll save a lot of time and energy by not insisting on giving people so many chances. 


October 25, 2012


It is completely and entirely impractical to think that:  1. Everyone will like you.  2. Everyone will hate you. 

Sometimes it’s okay to give up

October 24, 2012


All relationships take work. But there’s a big difference between working at a relationship and refusing to let of something that was over a long time ago. 

When three people say you’re drunk…

October 23, 2012


…then it’s time to lie down. If you keep getting the same feedback over and over again, if you keep hearing the same thing from different people, it may be time for you to pay attention. 


October 22, 2012


Respect goes a long way, in any and every relationship.  As soon as another person feels that you do not respect them, they are going to shut down, close up, get angry, get in your face, whatever.  We all have different rules and personal perceptions of what it means to be respected. The next time […]