When you’re learning to be assertive

Posted on October 27, 2012


When you’re learning to be assertive, you’re going to make some mistakes. At times, you’re going to probably slip back into the way you used to be. You may be a temporary doormat, or something may trigger your people-pleasing tendencies. It happens. 

Alternatively, when you’re learning to be assertive, you may overstep boundaries and be too aggressive. In an effort to stand your ground you may trample on someone else. That also happens. 

The pendulum may swing from one extreme to the other until you find your footing. That’s all part of the process. Try not to beat yourself up when you slip into your old self or you make a mistake and react too aggressively. There are ways to fix both of these. 

The most important thing is to continue to practice this necessary life skill. 

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