Your Life’s Work

Posted on November 10, 2012


Your life’s work is not a job. You may have made a job out of it, hell you may even get paid for it, but the work of your life is much bigger than a job. 

Jobs are downsized. Your life’s work is never downsized. If anything, as you become more and more spiritually responsible, your life’s work will increase in scope and size and importance. 

Your life’s work is not something someone else can create as part of a political platform.  

Your life’s work is not something anyone can cut or fire you from. It is a part of who you are and who are always going to be. 

Your life’s work may or may not pay your bills. There may or may not be a pension or benefits. But that doesn’t really matter because it’s way more important than that.

Whether or not you show up to your life’s work will determine the quality of your life and the joy you are capable of. 

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