Thoughts on Sabotage

Posted on November 16, 2012


There are so many ways we sabotage ourselves in relationships.

There are so many ways that we let our thoughts immediately snowball into stories, without ever questioning their validity. And then we go around with these stories that we assume are true and then we react to our stories in our relationships. We react not to the other person, but to our stories. To what we’ve decided their actions mean based on our personal stories.

And, very often, these stories are self-fulfilling prophecies. We, subconsciously and unintentionally, create what we were afraid of all along.

Then we say-Look! See? What did I tell you? That story WAS true! 

And the cycle continues.

So, if you really want to transform your relationships, start with your thoughts. Start challenging the thoughts that don’t serve you.

Be brave enough to consider-just for a moment-that perhaps the story you’ve been telling yourself all along is a bunch of bullshit. Be brave enough to accept that perhaps you are actually living in a reality of your own creation. Which means that if it sucks, the power to change it is completely in your control. 

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