The spiral downward

Posted on November 18, 2012


Have you ever noticed how one person can create a downward spiral in a group of people? This happens all of the time: in families, in groups of friends, in meetings at work. One person has a problem and makes it everyone else’s problem. Think of that friend who always complains about something no matter where you go or the family member who’s gotta be the negative nancy or the coworker who uses precious meeting time to gripe about the boss.

Perhaps this is why they say “Misery loves company.” Miserable people want to others to share in their misery. 

It’s tempting to get pulled down into that cycle of complaining and whining and unhappiness when everyone around you is participating. 

But if one person can turn the energy into the room into a downward spiral, it can be just as easy for another person in the room to shift it back up. 

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