They did me wrong

Posted on November 22, 2012


I’ve spent the better part of my life wrestling with a story. 

The story has different characters at different times, different plot lines, different scenes, but the overall point in this story is: They did me wrong. 

The client who skipped town before paying for her sessions. The two-faced neighbor. The alcoholic ex-boyfriend. The college roommate who kissed my then boyfriend. They did me wrong, they did me wrong, they did me wrong. 

And each time I told this particular story, I felt like shit. 

So one day I decided to tell myself a different story. And NO, I don’t mean some airy-fairy, naive story about how everyone was really wonderful and just misunderstood. Some people just suck and are selfish and that’s reality. 

I didn’t change the characters or the plot line or the scenery because I couldn’t do that. I just changed the point of the whole thing. Instead of: They did me wrong, I flipped the script to: They did me right.

And they did, really, when you think about it. The client who owes me money inspired me to transform the way I do my accounting. The two-faced neighbor has taught me to intuit duplicity in others. The alcoholic ex-boyfriend taught me that when I speak my truth and don’t waver from it, it has the power to change whole lives (he’s now recovered.) The not-so-stellar college roommate taught me that insecure women don’t make good friends. 

And just like that, the whole thing shifts.

Whaddya know. Those assholes did me right after all.  

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