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a new year is upon us

December 31, 2012


1. What did you learn this past year?  2. What do you want to create next year?   


December 30, 2012


It’s amazing what happens when you really listen to someone. When you clear your mind of what you think the other person is trying to say and train yourself to hear what’s really going on underneath the dialogue. When you start to notice energetic inflections and disappointing sighs and notice the kinds of words being […]


December 29, 2012


What if it’s not meant to be a struggle? What if it’s not mean to be an uphill battle? What then? 

Being selective

December 28, 2012


There’s a difference between being too picky and being selective.  There’s a difference between settling for someone and accepting someone.  There’s a difference between being brutal and being honest.  I don’t know if I can even define these terms for you because there are so many variables involved. But I know that my own life […]


December 27, 2012


When you surround yourself with thoughtful, kind, wise people, you automatically become more thoughtful, kind and wise. So, surround yourself with good people. This is life and shit will happen. It’s all easier to deal with when you’re surrounded with love.  

So what?

December 26, 2012


So what if you royally screwed up the stuffing for dinner. So what if you bought a Starbucks gift card for you brother’s new  girlfriend (who actually doesn’t drink coffee).  So what if you were overdressed for the holiday party.  That’s not what any of it was about, any way. 


December 25, 2012


As a kid, isn’t one of the best things about Christmas the magical nature of Santa Claus? The idea that, overnight, a man has a flying sleigh and flying reindeer and they go and bring presents to everyone?  Isn’t that one of the best things about being a kid, all of the magic and mystery […]