Posted on December 4, 2012


First there’s a thought about something that happened.

(ie: He never returned my text. He must not like me/She didn’t invite me to her party; she must be an exclusive snob/My neighbors were whispering when I walked in; they must have been talking about how they don’t like me). 

Then, because thoughts aren’t content just being thoughts, they turn themselves into stories.

(ie: I cannot meet a decent guy in this town! Why are all the women I meet exclusive snobs? Those people whispering are jerks!)

And then the stories prompt action.

(ie: I’m going to stop online dating as long as I live in Chicago/I’m going to be snobby right back to those ladies/I’m going to be rude to those whispering neighbors)

And oftentimes, it is these actions that in turn prompt reactive actions from others, which then confirms our original story and our thoughts. 

So if you want to start somewhere, if you want to improve your life, learn how to watch your mind take an event, create a  thought about it and then snowball it into a story.

If you can stop yourself short of taking an action based on a story that lacks validity, that’s a fantastic place to begin to really shift your entire life. 

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