Creative solutions

Posted on December 19, 2012


Several years ago, I got the opportunity to work with and meet women from all over the world who were selling their handcrafted items at a fair-trade store I managed. The stuff they created was so unique, really beautiful things made with incredible creativity. 

A group of young women in north Africa-who were abandoned by their husbands and left with no income- used all of the aluminum cans they saw littered everywhere to create neat pins and charms for necklaces. Female refugees in Botswana found an interesting way to weave strands of discarded jute into baskets. Another group of women in Nepal-a group of outcasts-used the leftover scraps from sari stores to knit together beautiful scarves. 

I loved this, the way these women, backed into corners of extreme poverty and potential despair, found a way to take garbage and make something beautiful from it.

In my own life, when I start to feel discouraged, I remind myself of these inspiring women. In my lowest moments, I ask myself-How can I creatively transform this crap into something beautiful? 

It works every time. Many times, all that we need to solve our own problems are some creative solutions. 

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