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Starting Small

January 7, 2013


If you read the newsletter for this month, you know how important I believe it is to start small when it comes to any goals you have. If you’ve resolved to make this year the year you carve out your own personal path to happiness, then you’re going to want to take things one step […]

The Best Advice

January 3, 2013


The best advice doesn’t come from your best friend, your mom, your mentor or even your life coach.  The best advice comes from within you.  Well, that’s all fine and dandy, isn’t it? But I’m sure you’ve had enough of the self-help, vague platitudes. The real question is-if the best advice comes from within you, […]


January 1, 2013


A *new* year. A clean slate. And perhaps a list of things you’ve resolved to do. Or not do. Maybe you’ve decided to give up smoking, stop eating chocolate, lose ten pounds. Who knows? Perhaps you’re on a treadmill right now, power walking furiously and logging your breakfast onto MyFitnessPal. Or maybe you haven’t made any […]