Return to love

Posted on February 1, 2013


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Our culture is one that is obsessed with romantic love. From our over-the-top celebrations on Valentine’s Day to the ever-expanding romantic comedy movie genre, we are people who love to talk about, think about and dream about love. In fact, even the phrase “I love you” is one that you probably associate first with something that’s said in a romantic relationship. 

Whether you are in a relationship or not, limiting your perception of love and what love is and can be, limits your experience in life. 

This month is often a complete downer for those who are unattached. “February sucks when you’re single,” a friend of mine recently told me.  I totally get that. I spent many a Feb. 14th wishing the day would hurry up and end so I didn’t have to be the only one home alone on Valentine’s Day. But I’ve heard complaints from others, too. “I hate Feb. 14th,” an acquaintance mentioned. “My husband never sends me flowers or does anything romantic and it always pisses me off.” 

This month doesn’t have to suck, for anyone. Rather than thinking of February as a romantic month, shift your perception so that this month becomes about love. All types of love, not just the kind that happens over a candlelit dinner for two. 

There are probably a lot of people in your life whom you just love. People who aren’t even related to you. The quirky friend who makes you laugh even when you’re having a crappy day, the sweet neighbor who watches your house when you’re on vacation, your fluffy cat. 

Don’t make this month one where you sit around and feel sorry for yourself because you’re disappointed in what you don’t have. Life is too short for that. Instead, resolve to make February a month where you decide to show the people and other living things who make your life better how much you love them.

A month about romantic love is limiting, but a month that encompasses all types of love has a much greater chance of being awesome.