Types of love

Posted on February 4, 2013


Balkon 6

The Greeks said there were three types of love. 1. Eros-romantic/erotic love 2. Philos-the love between friends or 3. Agape-unconditional love. 

This has not been my experience in life. I’ve felt way more types of love than this.

For example, what do you call the non-romantic love that spontaneously arises for a stranger? What do you call the kind of love you have for your pets? Or the deep love for the world you feel in meditation? What should I call the love I have for my clients? It’s certainly not romantic or friendship-based and I’m pretty sure I haven’t mastered unconditional love yet. So what is that? What do you call the kind of peaceful, fulfilling love you feel for your favorite hiking trail or that gorgeous painting or your place of worship? What do you call the love between yourself and your favorite designer handbag?  

There are so many various kinds of love. I think the Greeks, even in their wisdom, limited themselves by trying to organize such a deep, essential human emotion into three categories. 

If you start to look at your life, you’ll notice that you actually love a lot of people, a lot of living beings and a lot of things. Spend one day observing how much you love in every hour and you’ll see what I mean. It’s great, isn’t it?