Your Fan Club

Posted on March 7, 2013


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The other day I was reading an article about how ‘crazy’ our society has become. “Things have gotten so out of hand,” the author stated, “That one can now hire a paparazzi to follow them around and take pictures of them, as if they had a huge fan club.”

I found the idea of hiring a fake paparazzi pretty hilarious and although I certainly wouldn’t urge anyone to go out do this, the article did remind me of something that I strongly believe: We all need a fan club.

I’m not talking about a narcissistic urge to be seen as important and superior to everyone else; I’m talking about the very human need to feel as if we have people on our side. People who see the best in us (even when we aren’t being our best selves), people who believe in our abilities and aspirations, and people who will offer us the support we need when we need it. It always saddens me when a person does not have this because without a truly supportive foundation, one is inclined towards massive self-doubt and insecurity.  

In my work, I see how hard it can be for people when they lack clarity about who is on their side. My clients get the courage to finally value themselves and then are faced with insinuations from close friends and relatives that they shouldn’t be so uppity, that they aren’t really that valuable, that they should settle for something much less than they deserve.

Comments like these can completely derail a person’s personal journey to a life that’s more happy, authentic and meaningful. 

If you haven’t already, do the exercise I included in my last post. It should be easy, once you’ve completed it, to see who’s on your side and who’s in your fan club. Make a list of these people and keep in touch with them often. 

People who don’t see the best in you aren’t bad people. You can’t expect others to value you if they haven’t yet learned to do this for their own selves. But you don’t have to listen to them any more. You don’t have to accept their thoughts as truth and you don’t have to let their belief systems run your life or continue to influence your self-worth. 

Get real clear about your fan club. Then start turning to them when you need support and guidance with the big changes you’re making in your life.