An Equinox Detox

Posted on April 3, 2013



Two weeks ago, spring officially arrived. With the Spring Equinox comes more hours of sunlight, more flowers and, although you may not be feeling it yet, much warmer days.

This year, like almost every one before it, I do a thorough spring cleaning of my home. In addition to cleaning the baseboards and windows, replacing all of the burnt out light bulbs and scrubbing down every surface, I also throw out, recycle and donate bags of clothes, old electronics and other items that are taking up space. I would guess that almost every spring cleaner takes a similar approach. Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning; it’s also a time to remove clutter, reorganize messy spaces and give away the stuff we no longer have a need for. It is, in essence, a detox of our external environments. But it’s a symbolic detox of our internal ones, too.

One of the most interesting coaching exercises I do with clients involves them describing what they like and dislike about their homes.  Our homes, it seems, are huge parallel representations of our lives.

When a client tells me her home office is too small, I can ascertain that she’s not living up to her career potential. When a client tells me there’s piles of clutter all over the place she hasn’t had time to deal with, it’s almost always a sure sign that there’s a bunch of personal baggage cluttering up her relationships that she’s avoiding. When someone tells me that they’ve deep cleaned their home, done a massive decluttering or moved furniture around, I know that some pretty big changes are going on inside her. 

This home exercise usually comes as a profound surprise to most of the women I coach. “Had I known my bedroom meant so much to my life, ” one client recently told me, “I would have gotten it cleaned out a long time ago!”

I think it’s unfortunate that most of us go around without the slightest clue as to how important our physical environments really are to our well-being. This month, I’d like to walk you through the home coaching exercise. Why not make this equinox not just a time to clean up but to detox as well? 

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