Contest for a FREE Coaching Session!

Posted on April 4, 2013


Golden trophy

I’ve promised you a coaching exercise this month (and it’s coming! Tomorrow, I promise!) that will help you make some almost effortless internal and external shifts by changing things in your home that you don’t like. Because the stories that accompany the completion of this exercise are always so inspiring, I’ve decided to run a contest. The winner receives a free coaching session! I get totally inspired by all of your amazing stories! Definitely a win-win!

Here are the details:

1. Once you receive the information on how to do the Home Exercise (it will be published on the blog tomorrow), go through each room in your home and take pictures. These will be your “before” pics.

2. Once you’re done with the Home Exercise, choose one room in your place that had the most dramatic transformation and take a picture. This will be your “after” pic.

3. Write a one-two paragraph (very short) essay on how this exercise affected you and your life. What did you change in the room? How do you feel now that you’re done cleaning, clearing and decluttering your living space? Did any cool coincidences or strange serendipitous things occur once you finished? Write about these in your entry. 

4. Send your 1-2 paragraph written description along with two pictures (the before and after pic of the room with the biggest transformation) to me: by midnight on April 30th. 

5. The winner will be announced before the middle of May. Good luck! 

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