The Home Exercise

Posted on April 5, 2013


Pile of misc items stored in an unorganized fashion

Here’s the coaching exercise I promised I’d tell you about in my last post. May you spend this month cleaning, detoxing and decluttering all that does not serve you. And if you’re interested in entering the contest I posted yesterday, remember to take pictures before and after you’re done, especially with the room you choose for Step 5. 

Step 1: Make a list of all of the rooms in your home (ie: kitchen, master bedroom, half bath, etc). Don’t forget to include places like the garage, laundry room and basement (if you have ’em). 

Step 2: Go through each room and list what you like and don’t like about the space. You can do this for a smaller apartment in less than an hour but bigger spaces may take a few days. Take your time with each room and honestly assess what you like and don’t like.

Step 3: Don’t be a psychoanalyst once you’ve completed your list. In my last post, I told you how each room in your home symbolizes something in your life. It’s something I often point out to clients when we do this exercise together and it can be quite profound during  a coaching session. But, try doing this on your own and you may end up frustrated and confused. (ie: I don’t like the color of my bathroom! What does this mean?! What could this possibly mean?!?) The point of this exercise is to inspire an internal detox by changing the external environment. Leave the Jungian analysis for those with the professional training to do it.  

Step 4: Depending on how many rooms you have, try to tackle a couple of rooms a week and change the small things you don’t like in these rooms. These things should be easy to do and shouldn’t require that much time or effort. Don’t like how dark it is in a room? Open up the blinds during the day or change out the curtains. Not crazy about the table setting in your dining room? Replace it with fresh flowers. Tired of the clutter in your garage? Put a bunch of stuff you don’t need in in the back of your car and haul that stuff out to the Goodwill. Every few days, tackle a new room until you’ve changed a few things in every space you don’t like. 

Step 5: Once you’ve gone through each room and changed something small, pick one, very important room to do a bigger change in. (I’d usually suggest your bedroom or another room where you spend a lot of time). Here are some ideas from some of my clients: 

1. Change the paint color in an important room. 

2. Find a professional organizer to help you get everything arranged in an efficient way. 

3. Hire a junk removal company to take stuff to the dump. 

4. Rearrange the furniture in a way that feels better.

5.  Hold a yard sale and use the profits to purchase new furniture. 

Yes, this exercise will take some time, but hey, you’ve got the whole month, remember? See you at the end of it!