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#2: Contempt

June 28, 2013


John Gottman, therapist, psychology professor and founder of The Relationship Research Institute, is most well-known for his accurate predictions of marriage success or failure. In his popular and well-cited research, he uses four criteria in which to examine his newlywed subjects. If couples demonstrate these four ‘negative behaviors’ towards each other at the beginning of […]

#1. Lack of Empathy

June 20, 2013


If there’s one personality characteristic that almost often scares me off and sends me running in the other direction, it’s a lack of empathy.  You know why?  Because at the foundation of every personality disorder, every sociopathic intention and every psychopathic tendency is a lack of empathy. This doesn’t mean that a person who struggles […]

Bad Relationship Series: The list

June 18, 2013


When I analyze the bad relationships I’ve had in the past, a few things tend to continuously pop up. Although each bad relationship I’ve participated in has its own unique destructive tendencies, there are some common denominators between them. Certain characteristics and personality traits seem to yield themselves to bad relationships.  And not just in […]

The Bad Relationship Series: Kicking A.S.S. and Listening In

June 12, 2013


If almost every bad relationship is preventable, then what’s preventing you from picking up on the warning signs before you get invested?  In most of my sessions with clients, when we shift into a perception of power and analyze personal weaknesses, a common theme appears. People know, from the very beginning of most relationships, whether […]

The Bad Relationship Series: How do the creeps creep in?

June 7, 2013


Every bad relationship has a beginning. Before you spent your weekends with the duplicitous friend, before you got cheated on by the lying scumbag, before you confided in the shady colleague, there was an introduction of some kind, an exchange of information, a conversation. There was some kind of beginning. When you learn to be […]

The Bad Relationship Series: Accept your own power

June 5, 2013


The cheating guy you were completely addicted to. The lying swindler who “borrowed” money and then disappeared from your life. The backstabbing friend, the undermining colleague, the in-law who dismisses and insults you at every opportunity she gets. Each one of us, no matter how street smart, insightful or intuitive, has at some point in […]